Introduction about Malaysia Hardware

Who is Malaysia Hardware?

Malaysia Hardware is formed in the early 2019 with the objective of digitizing Soon Yeen Hardware & Trading into become one of the powerhouse of Malaysia Hardware and Building Industry , establishing sustainable and continually success of the company. It actually took us some moment to realize that our current business model need changes in order to adapt to the current industry as well as Technological advancement.

Soon Yeen Hardware & Trading has been supplying building materials in Klang Valley, Malaysia for more than 20 years. Being at the third generation of the building material supplier, Soon Yeen Hardware & Trading offers an extensive range of building materials, hardware , power tools and nonetheless services.

Where is Malaysia Hardware?

    We are situated in Cheras. You can refer to the map below

    What do Malaysia Hardware Sell?

    From hardware tools such as pipes , screwdrivers to building materials such as steel bar , roof tiles or cement. We basically have it.

    We sell high range of items and materials which categorized as per below:

    1. Building Material ( Wood , Steel , Cement , Pipe )
    2. Hardware Tools ( Saw , hammer ,pipe sockets)
    3. Power Tools ( Drill etc )
    4. Services ( Ro-Ro Bins , Renovation )

    Why Malaysia Hardware out of all names?

    Beside seo friendly to Google Search , We envision to be one of the best in Malaysia. Soon Yeen Hardware & Trading has always been on the good record in providing timely services and good customer services to customers and clients throughout Klang Valley for almost 20 years. It's about time we spread these good Malaysia business culture and ethics across the nation.

    We aim to be the greatest if not the best of all among other Hardware Store.


    Check us out at our page , we are constantly adding new product as we speak. Cant find things you might need? Contact Us at or call us +6011-5647 7422