Visitation by Celebrity Mr Frank Scott Hew

An honour to be visited by Mr Frank Scott Hew and his team. 


Malaysia Hardware Group Photo

Frank is a Malaysian born and professionally qualified Architect and Interior Designer having studied in Malaysia ( USM ), Australia ( University of Sydney ) and the UK ( University of Westminster ). As a London-based Architect, he has undertaken diverse projects covering Commercial, Offices, Headquarters, Mixed-Use, Residential, Public Buildings, etc in Europe, America, Australia, Middle-East, and Asia. 

Some years ago he was ordained as a Green Ambassador by the WWF and he has persisted in extolling green design as a prominent component of his work. He is constantly advocating sustainable policies and procedures as a vital way to Save the World from the looming disaster of Climate Change,

As a WWF ambassador himself, green and sustainable housing and architectural form of work is something he fancy of and would pursue aggressively.  Throughout the day we provided him an exclusive tour through out site explaining the items we had

Malaysia Hardware Site Visit

As well as having some great sharing between parties. Overall it's been a great pleasure to serve Mr Frank and would be please to further collaborate together