SikaGrout 215 Pumpable Shrinkage Compensated Cementitious Grout 25KG

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SikaGrout 215 is a pumpable dual-shrinkage compensated, self-levelling, prebagged cementitious grout with extended working time to suit local ambient temperatures.



  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Good flow characteristics
  • Rapid strength development
  • High ultimate strengths
  • Impact resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic
  • Iron and chloride free
  • Extended working time
  • Good pumping properties
  • Tested for compatibility with drinking water
  • Dense and non-shrink (2-step expension)
    • Gaseous expansion in plastic stage
    • Crystalline expansion in hardened stage
  • Product Data Sheet (PDS)



SikaGrout 215 is suitable for repairs to the following concrete structures

  • Machine foundations
  • Columns in precast construction
  • Concrete anchors
  • Bridge bearings
  • Cavities
  • Gaps
  • Recesses
  • Rail beds
  • Honeycombs (pre-packed grouting)


SikaGrout 215 is suitable for grouting works with clearances as low as 5mm.