Malaysia Hardware UPVC Pipe

UPVC Pipe Sirim x 6M

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  • Plumbing
  • Soil water & rain water disposal
  • Bore Well construction
  • Water distribution and agri -irrigation
  • Column Pipes
  • Water Mains & Potable Water Services
  • Cold Water Plumbing Services
  • Fire Ring Mains
  • Sewage Main-Pumped & Gravity Feed
  • Drainage Installations-Domestic & Industrial
  • Factory Supply Lines
  • Slurry Lines
  • Effluent lines
  • Corrosive Fluid Pipe Lines- Dyehouses, Chrome & Zinc Plating Plant, etc.
  • Chemical Plant Installations
  • Non-Explosive Dry Materials Handlings- Sand, Cement, Rock Salt Plastics Compounds.
  • Pulverized Fuel Ash (DFA) Lines
  • Brinelines- Tanning Plant, Ice Rinks
  • Livestock whey Feed Pipes
  • Paper Mill Installation-Alum & Pulp Carrying
  • Brewery Pipeline Installation
  • Coal Washing Plant
  • Power Station Screening Plant Pipelines.
  • Power Station Chlorination Plant
  • Fume Extraction Ducts Chilled Waterlines for Refrigeration and Air conditioning Plant
  • Salt water Pipes for small boat engines Cooling and Ballast Tanks
  • Water Aeration Plant
  • Emergency Repairs to damaged pipe lines in all materials
  • Horticulture and greenhouse Irrigation System
  • Irrigation for golf courses and sports grounds
  • Down Pipes for large rain water systems & Farm Buildings, Foot ball stands, etc. Storm Water Culverts
  • Surface Water Drainage
  • Sewage Farm Stand-Pipes and filter bed rotor arms
  • Domestic Appliances, Toys and Games
  • Ducting for power and communication cables for crossing rivers. Estuaries, Roads, Rallies , Bridges, etc
  • Threading through Existing unserviceable water mains and Ducts. Trench less pipe laying-Mole Ploughing
  • Irrigation Farm and range irrigation-system and sprinkler system.